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Of course  if you have the time to visit Ankara University course it is the best. But if You before visit  it is better to learn from us online from home. Than You can have the option with a higher level in TÖMER to start and learn more. That means more You know more before You fly to Turkey, more You can use the grammars which ou learned  and learn more.

Our teacher Mehmet Seyhan was born in Germany and has lived in Worth am Rhein. To study in Japanese Studies, University of Ankara, he moved to Turkey.

After the University he has worked 3 years as a tourist guid. From the years 2000 to 2011 he worked in Ankara University, Izmir  TÖMER branch as Turkish and Japanese teacher. He taught every week 20 hours Turkish and 12 hours of  Japanese. In his Career of 11 years he has taught more than 800 foreigners Turkish. Although he spoke fluently 4 languages, he would speak to the class explained only in Turkish. This is the TÖMER sistem. He has learned to explain everything so that everyone can understand it. But of course if it was not understood he could use also other languages for short explanations.
In the other classes and schools, everything is explained only in the mother tongue. But than Turkish is not so often used. And so even  the students understand much more they are never able  to speak in  Turkish. The person must learn to think in his/her Turkish knowlenge. Our teacher can talk with each level to the students. This means that our teachers know very well what the student learned until this lesson and how to make understandable the new grammars. You can also contact us for a free ONLINE lesson.

In TURKISH LANGUAGE TRAINING and in TÖMER is it important to be able to speak. Because if the person is not able to use the grammar we can not say that the student has learned it. Therefore, our online teaching is not all in English. We use more Turkish. But when the students do not understand we can explain in English. But over time the student capasty are ready to understand everything in Turkish.


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